Why Rent/Lease


  • lets you make a big presentation on a small budget
  • allows your software to be pre-installed on a computer prior to your presentation
  • enables last-minute changes or upgrades to systems to make the best presentation
  • does not disrupt the daily routine of your office by removing equipment
  • gives easy access to peripherals
  • lets you focus on the delivery of your presentation without the inconvenience of equipment logistics and configuration
  • allows worry-free service supported by trained technicians for set-up and take-down
  • avoids the expense of packing and shipping equipment
  • eliminates potential damage to equipment from handling
  • avoids the delay and expense of customs clearance and broker fees
  • because you can… conveniently and affordably


Leasing is becoming an increasingly cost effective means of meeting the longer-term high tech equipment needs. Leasing can sometimes be more advantageous than renting or purchasing.

  • allows you to upgrade systems as needs evolve
  • replaces outdated equipment with state-of-the-art technology
  • allows easy monthly payment terms to fit your budget requirements
  • improves your cash flow by conserving your capital
  • is 100% tax deductible (where applicable)
  • frees your credit line for your business

When choosing equipment, consider the total life cycle cost. Effective lease financing eliminates:

  • increased maintenance and support costs of aging equipment
  • the need to keep technology past its useful life
  • the hassles of selling outdated technology

Larger installations receive additional benefits from leasing such as:

  • reduced administration costs
  • improved asset management
  • ‘no hassle’ equipment reselling